tacky, right?

January 28, 2014

 i just saw some commercial that seems to be advertising for nevada tourism, or whatever, with a killers song…and what appears to be a native american doing some sort of native american dance, but singing along?

dude.  that just isn’t right.   so, i  never watch the television, so i have no idea how long this commercial has been around, but, seriously–nightmarishly crass.


funny and sad.

January 9, 2014

tonight i watched _we’re the millers_.  i’d seen it and really enjoyed it with maureen when it came out–it wasn’t the last movie we saw together or anything (that must have been _gravity_), just a fun time we shared, something that made us laugh and that we referred back to…forever, i guess.  for as long as we had.  anyway, it was kind of like stopping for mitchell’s ice cream the other night on the way home.  everything can’t be a funeral all the time,  everything happy shouldn’t always be sad, and the longer i don’t do things, the more they associate and get more and more epic.

_we’re the millers_ isn’t epic.  it’s just funny.  i laughed and i cried, and i’ll see it again and again.

i miss her so much.

i’m pretty sure i didn’t think it was a very good idea when i did it, but i put _it’s kind of a funny story_, the movie based on ned vizzini’s book about when he went crazy and didn’t kill himself that he wrote before he went crazy and did.  yeah, that’s a painful irony.

the movie is pretty good.  i liked the book better, but it’s always a little harder to have a precious character who isn’t too precious in a movie.  the suicide angle just makes it harder for me, now, but i’m sure i would have appreciated the movie fine without that.  i wondered while watching it why i didn’t hate it as much as i hate matthew quick and his rockstar playbook of barfing.

so it goes.

January 6, 2014

back to school tomorrow–probably for the best.  went to wish sarah well at the el rio and the came home via mitchell’s for some peppermint candy ice cream with hot fudge–so good.  i did nothing but eat all vacation, but it doesn’t matter.  some things are just meant to be.

was thinking about the upcoming bob mould show while listening to workbook in the shower this morning–it could be so embarrassing.  like that they might be giants doc with the crying fan and “i just love them so much!!!”

i just love workbook so much!  hopefully i won’t get too emo…gotta maintain some dignity, but, seriously–such a great album and bob mould still rocks it hardcore.

school tomorrow.  yeah.  nyquil tonight, maybe, just to be on the safe side.  almost healthy.  better pick out clothes tonight and all that…tomorrow morning is likely to involve a surly cat and an unwelcome alarm clock.