wombat poop is square!

November 25, 2015

life is pretty good.

things are going well at school;  work is pleasant PLUS it’s nearly vacation season, then end of fall semester and then spring semester flies by with february week, spring break and then it’s summer!  i’m super-stoked to be going to this nerd infographics lecture by tufte in december, too.

i’ve been a bit giddy–if one can say that’s the combination of happiness and anxiety, at least–on the social front lately. i’ve met some new people, gotten to reconnect with old friends, eaten, drunk and made very merry in a variety of fun and satisfying ways.  it’s always an ebb and flow, but i was feeling pretty down around the anniversary of maureen’s death and my dad’s birthday and just the last couple months, in general, but i think i’m shaking it off a little.  i’m trying, at least.

also, wombat poop is square, which is kind of amazing.  i believe i am going to have to look up what, ahem, anatomical design causes this shape.


san andreas

November 11, 2015

so, i’m trying to watch san andreas with napoleon–which was a challenge on many levels–but on top of various aesthetic challenges, every time there is a rumble, some sort of motion-sensitive toy somewhere in my apartment is being set off.

the sound is sort of a diabolical meow followed my an indistinct cackle. i just thought it was some weird earthquake cries of terror! thing with bad sound, at first, and then it took me at least half the movie to figure out where it was coming from, after which i just decided to ignore it for the rest of the movie because, really, was it hurting anything?

probably the most entertaining thing about the movie, really.

upstream color

November 7, 2015

wow, intense movie.  i wish it were subtitled, but i’m not sure that would have actually helped me understand any more than i already do…it just bugs me to miss dialogue, even though i imagine from the sound mix, we are meant to.

visually–again, just wow.  the sensuality of kris’s hands and feet on the sheet and then the parasite.  everything good was always just in danger of tipping to the bad.  incredibly artful in all composition.

i don’t know what to do with it, but it’s in my brain now.

the perfect levels…

November 5, 2015

today i came home from school and took the most immensely satisfying nap for an hour and a half.  i had stupendously interesting dreams about big cats surfing in the ocean, submarines, a great book that was vintage pictures of stewardesses, but some of them were either randomly topless or killing zombies with no explanation, interacting with people on the street–all completely fascinating.  then, i woke up, ate some crackers and cheese and pomegranate fruit snacks…following which i called my mom, wandered around the interwebs and then met a friend and his friends for drinks and pizza at the st. mary’s pub.  somewhere along the line i hit the perfect level of sleep, company, percocet and booze so that now nothing seems to hurt and i think i will crest this feeling like a big, fluffy cat on a surfboard.  it’s nice to take a break from the freakin’ pains of life.

that is all.

it’s sort of dark and cold now, but i don’t much mind.  yet.  could certainly do with a lot more rain.

did some laundry and voted after school and now trying to convince myself that a toasted bagel equals dinner, because i don’t want to go anywhere to get either ingredients or food.  sort of bored and antsy, sort of just wishing i could go to bed at quarter to 7 at night–yeah, sounds about like daylight saving…