_in bruges_

February 23, 2013

yesterday, in my cold- and other-medicated state, i finally sat down to watch _in bruges_, which has been lingering around my apartment for a while, waiting for me.

unsurprising, as is usually the case if i take the time to order something, it was good.  it was really, really sad, which i also expected and which is why i put off watching it for a while.  that and the fact that i couldn’t remember if it was in english or not because, you know, i don’t like to read about a film right before i watch it and i forget titles almost instantly.  every day is an adventure for me!  every day a new day!  the joys of faulty memory.


so i’m watching this fine movie and thinking that it’s a shame that movies like this always have to be about hit men because i don’t want to watch movies about conflicted hit men, for the most part.  i do like that the violence and action element might trick people into paying attention to the whole morality play thing, i just wish my fictional world didn’t have to be quite so full of people killing other people.  my real world is more than full of that as it is.

but i digress.

it’s the cold- and other-medicated state talking again.

many awesome players in the cast.  a few inconsistencies that bothered me at the time but i can’t remember now.  i laughed, i cried…i probably wouldn’t watch it again and again, but i’m glad i saw it now, so good enough.  colin farrell is never who i picture when i see his name–he reminded me of young, hot treat williams in _hair_ in this one, for whatever reason.

okay, time to go re-medicate.


but it’s just never any good, is it?

got home from a quick trip to my mom’s with napoleon and the new car–both were perfectly adequate.  i knew i was getting a cold before i left and the whole time i was a little less-than, but thankfully i didn’t really feel the heat until i got home. 

fevertime!  and not the fun, bust-a-groove kind, either.

still feeling pretty unhappy today, but i have the weekend still.  whatever.  being sick is boring and so am i right now!

well, my poor little 5spd manual transmission 2005 ford focus has officially been declared a total loss, has been emptied of my desired personal effects–i left the trash in the car…that’s not rude, is it?–and officially released and relinquished.  AAA has been great.  through their auto advocates program today i just bought a 2011 nissan versa.  seriously, i can’t believe how easy they made it–they brought the model down to pacifica for me to test drive yesterday and then brought the actual car i was going to buy to me here in san francisco this afternoon.  we drove around, i figured it was fine and we did all the paperwork in my cluttered, freaky living/bedroom.  so, you know, a little awkward on that part, but whatever.  the guy didn’t act too weirded out, so he earned his whatever.

anyway, now i have a car with a car payment that is actually less than the amount i said was the top i would pay.  i figured if i said i wanted to pay “no more than X”, it would automatically be “at least X”, but it’s about twenty bucks cheaper than that a month.

so.  don’t know how i like the car yet because i haven’t really driven it and i’m not nearly comfortable with the automatic…but this process with the people from AAA and dirito brothers concord nissan/autoadvocates/whatever has all been really easy so far, and that’s a big relief. 

the accident was stressful, i still don’t have a police report or fault designation and letting go of the focus oddly emotional (probably more a part of the stress, but whatever, that’s what it felt like), but it’s so good to get this part of it taken care of so i can get on with getting rid of this awful rental car and getting on with all the stupid medical tests.  woohoo?

onward and upward! 

oh, and believe me, i get no kinda kickback for any of this talk.  you should know that’s not my way.


February 2, 2013

yay!  my copy of _trust_ (hal hartley’s second feature film) came in the mail today–so happy it’s finally available on DVD!  i haven’t seen it in ages…i certainly don’t love hal anymore, but i hope i still love this movie.  i can’t see how i could go wrong with adrienne shelly, martin donovan, edie falco.  so funny that i always think of edie falco as a hal hartley actor, never from “the sopranos” or anything like that.

anyway, that, alone, would be enough for celebration.  coupled with the fact that it is friday and i managed to drive home without a traffic accident, i’m callin’ it a winner.

you are warned

February 1, 2013

this lone wolf thing is not getting me anywhere good in life and is not helpful.

in example, i have moved every single piece of furniture in my apartment at least three times, always alone.  my back is super fucked up, so calling (well, let’s not get crazy here.  i never use the telephone if i can help it, so that would be “emailing”) a friend and asking them to come help me would be the reasonable thing to do.  i have any number of friends who would, i am sure, be willing, if not thrilled, to help me move furniture.  some might even be thrilled, but i’m not sure i’d want to encourage that.  anyway.  in the past, i didn’t ask people for help in something like that, but in the future, i intend to.

i need help.

yes, i very proudly keep my shit together very well alone, thank you very much, but what exists that couldn’t be better?  always room for improvement.  sometimes i’m not the best person for the job and i need help.

okay, just having a moment.  i’m over it now.