happy new year.

December 31, 2015

i have been in a school environment for so long that i never tend to think of january as the beginning of the year–it’s the middle, for me.  also, new year’s eve has a super shitty track record for me over the years, so i tend to just ignore the whole thing other than being bitter that i can’t just go get a drink at the bar without the hoopla.

that said, happy new year to us all;  let’s hope for a good one, right?

this year has been–has been a year, i guess.  i can’t think of a thing that marked out last year at this time from now, really.

there has been loss, but nothing too close or too unexpected.

there have been gains.

mostly, there has been me, going on, holding fairly steady, making a little progress.

not a bad year.  in fact, i think i’m going to call it:  2015;  it was a pretty good year.


this morning i went to SCRAP with tracy–after a couple false moves wherein i scampered up and attempted to enter my neighbor’s daughter’s car…twice.

awesome-giant bag of fabric for a couple specific things and then i cut myself off and paid.  while i was waiting for tracy to finish up–yes, i sort of lost her, but i knew she’d turn up!, i noticed one of my favorite kids from school and i got to put in a plug for the school library’s collection of books on clothing alteration and such–awesome and not awkward, which is the best kind of student sighting to have.  better than hearing “librarian!  that’s my librarian!” as you’re leaving a bar.

had a wonderful time and laughed and laughed with tracy–she took me to a giant dollar store down in the excelsior.  i was incredibly thrilled to find these men’s XL swim trunks by Golvin Kloin:


the cashier actually said, “do you want to buy those?”

“yes, i do!” i declared, proudly.

oh, man.  so funny.

spent the afternoon prewashing and cutting fabric.  tomorrow, i sew!




i had a birthday.

December 9, 2015


it was a really nice weekend–ben arranged a party for me at hotel zetta, with zoe bartending and cupcakes and all my friends.  i couldn’t have asked for a nicer time or better company.  it made me feel very lucky and loved.