i’ve been consumed with moving all the furniture in my apartment since right before school got out–it’s a big deal.  huge, considering how much stuff and how little space i have!  but at this point, a couple weeks in, i’m running out of gumption a little.  all the furniture is moved and my bed is now in the former living room and the table and most of my art and craft paraphernalia is in the former bedroom and big stacks of stuff that still need to be sorted and arranged are everywhere.

today i thought i would start putting art back up on the walls, but it’s almost as hard as moving the big heavy furniture–some of these pieces are heavy and/or need to be grouped a certain way and finding the right space for them is difficult.  this morning i listened to a lot of hal hartley soundtracks and sorted buttons, which is more important in this case than for most people–i have a lot of buttons.  now it’s not even 3pm and i’m tuckered out…and still no art on the walls.  but i’m making progress!  i know i am. 

i think i’m going to put away the load of laundry i did this morning (now that it’s no longer warm and the cat is no longer burrowed) and do a little burrowing, myself.  maybe after a quick nap i’ll be ready to curate some of the collection…