July 29, 2014

i’m not very good at certain things, like conducting business–or pleasure, for that matter–on the phone.  i put off calling almost everyone for almost every reason until things get critical and i will always, always take the email/online option if at all available.  i also hate looking weak or stupid, and, while i know grief is natural, i hate to lose my shit in public, particularly when the only reason i’m losing it is in my head and it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

so, yeah.

spent more than an hour on the phone today, trying to deal with getting a copy of maureen’s death certificate and trying to figure out some financial stuff about her 401k.  i’m the beneficiary, but i can’t get any information until i get information that i can’t get until i have information.  all this while being on hold for half an hour, then hung up on and having to call back, when calling in the first place about gave me palpitations.  all this while explaining again and again that you’re doing this all because your best friend died–you’d think people could be a little less dicky.  i mean, i don’t imagine very many people want death certificates for fun.

so, all that phone time, i drive to redwood city, find the recorder’s office and the woman, after grunting an interrogation says that i have to go to the county of death for a death certificate, not the county of residence.  no one could have told me that in all the time i spent talking about this very situation today?  then, when the woman asks where she died and i said “auburn, placer county” she said she didn’t think that was a county.  nice.


i hate doing this stuff because i imagine it being an ordeal and it sure enough is one.  i guess tomorrow morning i’ll call the possibly fictional placer county and hope someone there can help me over the phone so i can get this done and out of the way. 

summer is almost over and all the things i’ve been putting off have got to be done now or never.  that’s the only way i can make myself deal with telephones and bureaucracy, anyway.


i can tell that my new favorite graphic–oooh, so graphic!–novel, _sex criminals_ is probably something i should search for by author and artist names–they are matt fraction and chip zdarsky–rather than title.  i know nothing of either of them, but the awesome girl working at comix experience recommended this title because i was replacing some lost copies of _sweet tooth_ and told her how much i love jeff lemire.  she did me a solid with her recommendations with this one for sure.

hilariously inappropriate.  super smart writing.  characters who get you going.  naughty, naughty librarian.  just a touch of canadian.

_sex criminals_ rocks it on all accounts–looking forward to seeing what happens next and thankful for an awesome comic shop with actual people who know things and want to share that knowledge.


July 25, 2014

yesterday i went downtown to the embarcadero theater to see boyhood, richard linklater’s new film that i’ve been wondering about since i first heard of the concept. 

it was outstanding.

linklater has definitely made some films that i have not only not liked, but actively hated–suburbia, you eric bogosian piece o’ crap, i’m looking at you–but many more that i love.  his overt philosophical musings, his use of music, the way he shows people interacting in such realistic situations…everything that i’ve loved about him in the past is here in boyhood in such a pure and beautiful form, it really took my breath away.

it was so real that it was disorienting.  i found myself fixating at least as much on patricia arquette as on mason–it’s hard to describe the beauty of the understated performance and the canvas that the years painted beyond anything in the script.  the years she gains and loses weight through the marriages, the way her hair and clothes change, her demeanor as relationships begin and end.  and the boy, ellar coltrane, makes the dialogue seems so natural that it’s almost hard to give him credit for the work he does.  linklater’s daughter is the only slightly weak link and she can be fairly annoying–i remember how much i hated her in waking life, too!–but she’s like dawn in buffy the vampire slayer…she annoys the shit out of you, but she has her moments and serves her purpose.

i can’t wait to see this film again and again, and not in a cheesey “cats” way.  i felt like i had watched a child grow to adulthood, something i’ve never really done.  i see them from teen years on up, but not really how they start.  boyhood achieves a level of art and truth in showing these people live and grow that even terrence malick with his dinosaurs couldn’t touch.

also, this:

July 17, 2014

i read this blog this morning, and parts of it really resonated with me and the relationship i’ve had with the interwebs over the last twenty years or so….


it’s summer vacation and i’ve had a lot of time to think and to expressly NOT think and to try to settle my brain and heart with the grief and all the upset in my world.

it’s going okay.

i wouldn’t say i’m a new woman or anything, but i’m getting back to the old woman, at least.  she was never exactly little mary sunshine either, if you recall.  it’s like _the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy_ once they achieve normality.  😛

anyway, i’m back.  i think.