October 30, 2014

i’m glad the giants won–hard to be too sad when the city is whooping and thrilled–and maureen did love our giants.

weird day of walking around, wondering about who else was thinking of the date today, wondering if they are being tactful or just oblivious.

not that it matters.

it’s really just another day, after all.  thinking too much about the passage of time just makes it even more surreal–too fast, too slow, caring too much, too little, grief that builds and that just ebbs away.  it’s just another day.

i dusted all her special things and straightened up her photo that was slipping down–when i shoved it in the frame, i just couldn’t be that precise, but i made it a little nicer now.  i pulled some things forward and moved others back.  i thought about moving her across the room with my other dead friends, but i think she is going to stay where she is for a while yet.

maureen would like to be over by jeffrey, though.  he’d hate her for being so young and cute, but i bet they could have some fun.

but not yet.