July 29, 2014

i’m not very good at certain things, like conducting business–or pleasure, for that matter–on the phone.  i put off calling almost everyone for almost every reason until things get critical and i will always, always take the email/online option if at all available.  i also hate looking weak or stupid, and, while i know grief is natural, i hate to lose my shit in public, particularly when the only reason i’m losing it is in my head and it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

so, yeah.

spent more than an hour on the phone today, trying to deal with getting a copy of maureen’s death certificate and trying to figure out some financial stuff about her 401k.  i’m the beneficiary, but i can’t get any information until i get information that i can’t get until i have information.  all this while being on hold for half an hour, then hung up on and having to call back, when calling in the first place about gave me palpitations.  all this while explaining again and again that you’re doing this all because your best friend died–you’d think people could be a little less dicky.  i mean, i don’t imagine very many people want death certificates for fun.

so, all that phone time, i drive to redwood city, find the recorder’s office and the woman, after grunting an interrogation says that i have to go to the county of death for a death certificate, not the county of residence.  no one could have told me that in all the time i spent talking about this very situation today?  then, when the woman asks where she died and i said “auburn, placer county” she said she didn’t think that was a county.  nice.


i hate doing this stuff because i imagine it being an ordeal and it sure enough is one.  i guess tomorrow morning i’ll call the possibly fictional placer county and hope someone there can help me over the phone so i can get this done and out of the way. 

summer is almost over and all the things i’ve been putting off have got to be done now or never.  that’s the only way i can make myself deal with telephones and bureaucracy, anyway.


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