fast times

September 21, 2013

just read this interesting essay on _fast times at ridgemont high_ that articulates many of my thoughts about the movie.  it was never one of my particular favorites, but i certainly remember watching it, too young to have anything but the most theoretical ideas about most of what was going, probably with my sister, though i can’t remember for sure.  i remember going to a lot of teen sex comedies back then, and they were all…just, you know, SEX.  adult/teen relationships? teacher/student?  hooker/teenager?  suggestive teenage noise-making during tennis?  oh, yeah, all that, and much, much more.

i also read a few strange pornographic novels when i was young, but that was actual pornography–here i’m just talking teen comedies.

anyway, i was just completely bombarded–and totally sought out, when i thought i could get away with it–all these representations of sex all over the place, but i wasn’t really *doing* very much.  occasional heavy petting, or whatever.  third base?  i’ve never understood the base system.  doesn’t matter.  i’m not saying no one was gettin’ it on at an early age, but the statistics back up my memory that it certainly wasn’t everyone and not even most of us until you got to the upper classes. 

these days, teen comedies are so saccharine–geeze, is that another reference like sniffing dittos?  do people still know what saccharine is?–that no one has sex without consequences, we’re shocked if we see skin, it’s all less explicit than the last dance i had to chaperone…and that’s it.  most of those kids, even the sophomores!  god, the awkward, awkward sophomores!, are pretty much rounding third base on a pretty regular basis, at least given the opportunity.  crazy.

it’s not like i think that one thing caused the other or anything like that.  we’re all rounding third more often, these days, given the opportunity, because it’s a changing social standard.  i just think it’s funny how prudish the movies have become. these days rules about smoking in movies are so strict, it’s ridiculous.  we are getting so far from reality in our policy making and i’m getting so far from my point…it’s all just making me tired.

mostly, just wanted to mention that essay and remember to think about it later.


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