self love is safe love!

May 11, 2011

you know how boring old married couples have “date night”?  i think i’m going to institute that in my own, very very single, life.  one night a week, i’ll show myself a good time…clean in the afternoon, make an actual meal, watch something artsy or edifying and then let the evening go where it might.  ahem.  put the dew back on the rose, maybe.  treat me right.

i respond well to schedules and horribly to discipline and denying myself anything i want, so, you know, i’ve got that little conflict to work out, but maybe i could at least try it out.  at this point i live a little too often like a savage hermit. i do anything i want any time i want, and too often fail to make the most basic effort to impress myself.  i deserve better!

summer vacation is a good time to make a change.


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