May 6, 2011

this is just not  the best sort of week, but i’ve certainly had worse and at least it’s almost over…i think i’ll be giving alice’s mom a call tomorrow afternoon and indulge in my favorite friday afternoon rituals, which involve me, a pizza and not talking to anyone else until saturday afternoon.

thinking about things semi-rationally this afternoon, i’m pretty sure i can’t actually be fired because i have tenure…so the pretty-much-worst thing would be me getting put back in the classroom, at which point i guess i could do that for a year while figuring out what the fuck i’m going to do next.  i shouldn’t have to suddenly pack up and move this summer, so it’s not like this roller coaster vomit fest of stress is doing anyone any good.  might as well just power through to the end of school and relish summer as much as ever.  i can do a little research on where i might want to live if the subject comes up during the summer.  my mom offered to move with me anywhere i wanted, which was sweet, but also a little pathetic.  i was thinking we’d have to figure out how to move her this summer, but maybe i should just take the two-for-one deal and sign on early for the crazy cat lady brigade.

but…that decision is for another day. 

for now i’m just going to play a few video games, read, play with the cat a bit and then hit the sack–enjoy my version of the good life and not think too much about tomorrow.


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